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Mobile Development

In just a few years, mobilized development has gone from a consumer-oriented hobby to an enterprise-scoped necessity.  Driving this wave of change has been the rapid consumer and enterprise adoption of Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platforms.  Building compelling and platform-optimized mobile applications has grown into complex development efforts that require a new set of design, development, and management best practices.  Adding to this already intricate and multifaceted ecosystem, Apple, Google, and Microsoft continuously improve and expand their mobile platforms, adding new solution features and hardware that users quickly adopt and expect developers to embrace.

For over 20 years, DSI has been a pioneer in building mobile solutions for both the enterprise and consumer marketplaces.  Below are just some of the industries we have innovated with Mobile solutions:

    • Ecommerce / Retail
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Publishing
    • Insurance
    • Mobile CRM / Product Catalog / Inventory Capture
    • Commercial / Mixed-use Real Estate
    • Hospitality / Casino / Gaming

Our Mobile Development Platforms

    • Apple iOS
    • Google Android
    • Microsoft Windows Mobile
    • HTML5