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Business Intelligence

The power BI and analytic solutions make businesses perform smarter, faster and more efficiently.  As the adage goes, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.  With intelligent BI, we can now not only react quickly to changes we see in our business, we can predict and forecast how to manage moving forward based on intelligent indicators.  BI provides a dynamic view of  how the many facets of your business is performing and insights on the major factors that influence performance.   BI provides the insight for fast, actionable intelligence about customers, suppliers, distributors, partners and competitors.   With the easily accessible, cost effective BI solutions available with your Office and SQL Server platforms, no business can afford not to have BI solutions in today’s competitive “real time” global marketplace.

DSI is continually researching, evaluating and testing Business Intelligence and analytics technologies including Microsoft BI, Oracle BI, Business Objects, Tableau and Advizor.

Call us to discuss how we have helped others and can help you with:


Management Consulting

    • Architecture Design – Structured functional requirements analysis and detailed technical design documentation needed to create robust business intelligence architectures
    • BI Tool Selection – Supports the package selection and due diligence activities needed to select commercial software and tools, and assist in creating vendor leverage, and negotiating the best price-performance ratio for packaged software.
    • Business Value Assessment – A proven methodology that provides a systematic risk-based business assessment for any proposed projects. BVA provides the methods and processes to identify project(s) benefits and costs, the associated risks with a risk mitigation plan and an enhanced ROI calculation based on project type. For multiple projects the process will further calculate a weighted score, factoring ROI and risks.

Our Services

    • Analysis and Report Development – Provide expertise on a given BI tool for development and deployment of given set of reports.
    • Advanced Analytics – Provide expertise on advanced BI analytic technologies, including MOLAP analysis, What-if scenarios, Visualization, and Data Mining.
    • Data Mart Prototype Development – Deliver rapid proof of concept for business intelligence solutions.
    • ETL Development – Develop data capture, extraction and transformation components. Create replication strategies and the associated workflow processes and schedules.
    • Data Warehouse Development – Development and enterprise-wide deployment of data warehouses and data marts for business-critical applications.
    • Star Schema / Dimensional Modeling – Develop RDBMS star schemas and OLAP data model(s) to support your data analysis needs.
    • Multi Dimensional Cube Development – Development and deployment of subject specific OLAP cubes for multi-dimensional analysis and reporting.
    • VLDB Scaling and Clustering Development – Development and deployment of data storage solutions for very large data bases that provide for fact predictable and uniform response times.
    • BI Applications – Implementation of pre-defined BI application suites with interfaces to CRM and ERP systems.
    • Big Data Solutions Development – SQL Server, PDW, Hadoop, MongoDB, Casandra, MySQL.


DSI is the premier Microsoft SQL Server BI partner in the mid-Atlantic Region. With extensive expertise in on-prem and cloud BI solutions, DSI’s DBA and Application teams have the expertise to help you:

    • Logical/Physical Datawarehouse Design
    • SSIS
    • SSAS
    • Data Quality Services (DQS)
    • Master Data Services (MDS)
    • PowerPivot
    • PowerView
    • PowerBI
    • SQL Azure